Personalize a Service

When planning a funeral service, it’s helpful to think of the unique qualities of the deceased and create a service that honors that uniqueness. A personalized service will be for friends and family and provide a feeling of closure knowing that the life of the deceased has been truly celebrated.

Including some or all of the following can help make a funeral service uniquely your own:

  • Display of photos and artwork
  • Display of personal items 
  • Playing of favorite songs or music
  • Readings of poetry and literature
  • Customized funeral programs
  • Memory readings/book of memories
  • Dove release
  • Bagpiper, harpist or other musician
  • Customized keepsakes
  • Meaningful floral arrangements
  • Celebration of cherished personality traits
  • Planting a memorial tree
  • Erecting a statue, fountain or other memorial structure

A personalized funeral service touches friends and families and celebrates a life well-lived. To learn more about how to plan a personalized service, speak with one of our funeral directors.