“My mother had been very sick for quite some time and illness had not been kind to her. It was evident to us that you took great care in restoring my mom’s outer beauty. To those who had not seen her in recent years, she very much like her ‘old self.’ This was a great comfort to my husband and I.”  – Deborah & John R.

“Your staff took considerable time answering our questions and phone calls, helping us select just the right things to memorialize my mom and attending to the smallest detail. Your funeral director was skilled, personable, compassionate and caring, all of which were so important when dealing with fragile people in grief.” – Deborah & John R.

“Mom and dad were 96 years old and married for over 71 years. At mom’s funeral, your funeral director really helped us with my dad who used a walker and wouldn’t leave mom’s side.”  – Joan K.

“Whenever his children or grandchildren were leaving, my dad would always say ‘drive as though your mom/grandmom is in the back seat.’ At my dad’s funeral, his youngest granddaughter was having a difficult time as the casket was being put into the hearse. She said, ‘Drive carefully, my grandpa is in the back seat.’ The funeral director asked her if she would like to touch the casket once more and close the door. It meant a lot to her. Someone else might not even have noticed.”  – Joan K.

“I would like to thank A. H. Peters for the outstanding services that you provided me at this difficult time. You helped me make these arrangements in a very delicate, thoughtful and complete manner. I’ve received very positive comments from my extended family members concerning the quality of the services provided.” – Kurt B. W. Ph.D., P.L.S.

“The professional and pastoral manner in which A. H. Peters works with grieving families and the help they offer them through the funeral process actually assists me in my pastoral work with the families. There is no doubt it becomes a team effort between the funeral home and our parish as we work together in service to the grieving family. I enjoy working with A. H. Peters Funeral Home and am glad to recommend them.”  – Msgr. G. Michael Bugarin, Pastor, St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, St. Clair Shores

“I have come to A. H. Peters Funeral Home on the occasion of both of my parents' passing and, on both instances, have had exceptional care, compassion and service. When I lost my mother, she was visiting me where I lived, out of state, and I had not previously been in the circumstance where I needed to make funeral arrangements for someone in my immediate family. I was advised to contact A. H. Peters, and they handled everything for me, including arranging to bring my mom back to Michigan.”  – Janna M. 

“I appreciated that I did not have to be concerned with any details of the arrangements and that I could concentrate on other things. When I arrived in Michigan, David Kesner handled everything expertly. He showed me my options in choosing caskets and informed me of things in the process that I had never had to think about before. One thing I especially remembered and appreciated was the way he made the mass card just exactly the way I wanted it. At a time like that, there are certain things that a person wants to be ‘just perfect.’ He keyed in on the notion that it was important to me and made sure that it was.” – Janna M.

“The level of care I received was exceptional. It is not often in life that one can give wholehearted recommendations or endorsements on matters. My endorsement of A. H. Peters and its excellent service and the dignified, appropriate and elegant manner in which they treated me is one of those occasions. ”   – Janna M. 

“Upon my father's recent passing, there was no question then that I would again contact A. H. Peters. I called them right away after my father died because I knew they would handle everything the right way. Mr. Kesner reminded me of everything I needed to provide to him and made the process as easy as possible. I was relieved to know that there was nothing I had to worry about with the arrangements when there were so many other things to do. He was very available anytime I needed to consult on an issue or ask a question.”  – Janna M. 

“Thank you for the candlelight remembrance service and the lovely ornamental glow candle. Many feelings surfaced, both sad and happy. I miss Dennis so much, but slowly am moving forward.” – Janet Q.

“Your ‘Occasion to Remember’ was so elegant, dignified and moving and a beautiful tribute to the lives we’ve lost this year. You and your entire staff are angels.” – Valerie M.